The Unseen Meets the Seen… ©

As the song played in the background the words washed over me reminding me of truths that get so easily lost amidst this crazy life.  “He’s got the whole world in His hands.” I need to be reminded.  Some days it feels like the earth is spinning all by itself.  It’s hard to see His hands wrapped around it all.

This quote says it well.  “Often in these training periods we focus on the impossibility of our circumstances instead of the greatness of our God.”- John Bevere-

It’s hard to walk in the seen world with an unseen God.  I’ve often wondered what it would be like to stand in front of the Red Sea as it parts straight through the middle.  I try to imagine standing outside Lazarus’ grave as he is called out from death to life.

Some days I’d just like to see, really see what’s going on behind the scenes of this habitat in which I live.   It’s in those moments I am challenged to believe that God truly is being God in ways my eyes do not yet perceive.  My trust is summoned some place at its core. If I could just gaze upon something.  I find myself asking, does God really have my whole world in His hands?

Life just doesn’t often look the way I think it will.  Things don’t go in the direction I expect them to go.  God seems to enjoy throwing curve balls.  At least they appear like curve balls to us.  But in His world He’s not trying to get us to strike out.  He’s trying to get us on base.

When David lost his job we thought it was going to be one of those cut and dry times.  We had heard a desire rise up within us as we prayed.  In our logical minds we determined we’d just get our names out and doors would open up before us.  After all we were following a God-birthed longing we both shared.  Surely the path would take us out to walk right into our destiny.

But God threw us a curve ball.  Resumes and cover letters were sent out, yet not one door opened.   Instead of a walk into our destined job, God made an appointment with us for restoration of places lost.

Much has been accomplished in the heavenly realm while the earthly realm looks puzzling to the naked eye.  There has been more going on here than one can readily see.  Those who have a front row seat can testify that a transformation is taking place in front of them. Who knew it wouldn’t be about the job?

God is into every minute detail of our lives.  It’s becoming more evident to me as we walk these days..

I see it in the small retirement account that has carried us these last months.  We had no idea money that the company had been putting in for us would be vested until the paperwork came.

I see it in the gift cards and cash that have come anonymously in the mail.  They have offered refreshment and sustenance.

I see it in His unseen ways of this past week.

August 31st was the day David and I set aside back in April.  We had determined we would go after the area we had felt led to search.  If nothing happened by the end of August we would gather once again to ask what God, what next.

The day before our chosen day I went on my first job interview in 25 years.  God orchestrated a conversation in my ZUMBA class two nights before with a woman I had chatted with on several occasions. I’d never asked her where she worked.  That night I did.  Before the night was out I was telling her that my favorite outside job had been working for a doctor.  As I finished she told me she was hiring a part-time office staff position for her family practice.  Yes, she is a doctor and no, I had no idea.

At 8:05AM on re-evaluation day I was awakened with a phone call offering me a job.  As I hung up the phone it hit us, God had already evaluated things for us.  God’s concealed plan had made its way into our known world.

It does something to my heart to watch the unseen world makes its way into the seen.  I grasp more deeply the verse that reminds me to put my hope in God.  For I am reminded that in His unpredictable world He waits for the just the right moment to show up.  I see the twinkle in His eye as my mind awakens more deeply to my reality. This God who loves me so, truly does have my whole world in His hands.

©copyrighted 2011, Julie L. Todd

29 thoughts on “The Unseen Meets the Seen… ©

  1. Oh how I have missed your words! This whole post, the story in it all and the truth that embraces as I read it make me glad to be alive and hope rings as I follow you all from a distance! LOVE YOU!

    • Ah, thank you friend, I’ve missed writing words.. Was SO good to sit down and write today. It will be interesting to see how much writing time I get in this new season of life. I sure have missed you this weekend.. Love you!!

  2. Isn’t God Just AWESOME. He provides when we are not even thinking about it.
    Best wishes for you on your new job. It should be fun and of course God Ordained. Thank you for sharing your story.

  3. Julie, I am so glad for the job. I am glad for evidence of God’s work in your life. I’m glad you have the energy for Zumba. 😉 And I’m glad you have the energy to share all of this with us. xoxo c

  4. I’m so happy for you that God showed up just in ‘His’ time! I administrate a medical practice and working there is loads of fun! You will enjoy! For me however, I’d settle for ‘A Touch meets the Loneliness’ 🙂 Blessings to you and hubby!

    • Cindy, Thanks for your words. I administrated a doctor’s office MANY, MANY years ago. So long that this new technology is blowing my mind.. 🙂 But as I said in my fb post… it’s like driving a standard transmission all over again, just gotta get used to the clutch of this new vehicle. 🙂 Praying for your heart today friend. Thanks for being here!!!

  5. Once again, I’m writing to say I love your blog post. I am so excited about all God is doing in your family and I’m confident this whole ordeal is going to be one of the greatest blessings you have experienced over the years. I love being a spectator to this unveiling story. I love all 8 of you and number 9 that we’ll be holding soon..

    • Momma, how in the world did I miss this? I didn’t know you had written this until today… Keep telling me about how excited you are, OK, it just keeps encouraging me… I’m so glad you are here, Momma… I love it… and I love you!!

  6. My spirit became excited while I read your blog; I couldn’t wait to get to the end and see how God worked. These words from Isaiah 65:24 came to me as I was reading: I will answer them before they even call to me. While they are still talking about their needs, I will go ahead and answer their prayers!
    While we pray about our needs – in fact, before we even have a need – God moves things into position to answer; all we need do is ask. How blessed we are to have such a loving and generous God. Your story ministered to me today because my day started in a similar state: needy and praying God would move. Both the scripture and your blog remind me that He’s moving everything to my good.

    • Ah, Nancy, your words offer such encouragement to me today. Thank you for reminding me of the verses in Isaiah. I had forgotten about them. That is exactly what He has done… and my heart is encouraged as I watch Him show up with it all cared for. I’m SO blessed to see you here… Thank you for being here, it matters to me!!

  7. This is beautiful. And do you know how much I needed to hear that He has the whole world in His hands? So much. Even though I know…sometimes I just need to be reminded.

    Sometimes the linky can just disappear. If you refresh, sometimes it comes back! I’ve linked the post for you tonight! So glad you joined us. You are a blessing.

  8. This post was written with such a beautiful spirit. I was blessed and am encouraged to wait for God in some areas of my life. I loved the “He’s not trying to get us to strike out, He’s trying to get us on base.”

  9. Hi Julie!
    It’s wonderful to hear you found a job. I hadn’t known you were looking (being so new here). The roads God has led me down have not been ones I would have chosen or thought possible (good and bad/suffering). But they have led me out of legalism and religion, and I’m glad for them now.

    • I hear you dear Kristie…. I wouldn’t have chosen the roads the way they turned and twisted either… BUT they have brought me to freedom. I would do it all again just for the freedom I now have….

      Love seeing you here!!!

  10. Congrats for getting a job – and even one you’re excited about! For purely selfish reasons I hope that despite the job you’ll still have time and evergy to keep writing.

    Linked to you again. Can’t help it – your writings are so timely for me and touch me in prevailing spots…

    Blessings to you and yours 🙂

    • Oh dear Eija, what a blessing it is for me that you would come here and that my words would speak something to you… stunning! Thank you for having confidence in me and linking your blog to mine. You don’t know what a gift that was for me today….

      I certainly hope to keep writing. It is a treasure that I love to delve in. Still trying to sort all this out….

      Bless you, dear one!

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