Safe in Papa’s Arms©

Dear friends meet my grand girl.  She was born Sept. 20th at 8:05AM after a long, hard labor.  Her name is Aviah (God is my Father) Eden (Delight)… She is absolutely beautiful. We are in love.

A picture is worth a thousand words.  This one shouts to places down deep in my soul. “Papa” (my husband) is holding Avi.  He holds her close to his chest, making sure that she is safe and secure. She has no fear, or worries.  There is nothing to be anxious about. She pays no mind to the struggles or cares of the world. She has fought through much to be here.  She has come to this place to be held by strong arms that care deeply for her, so deeply that they would lay down their life to protect her.   In the stillness she rests for she is aware that she is being held safe in her Papa’s arms.

It is where the rubber meets the road in the world with my own Papa God.  His arms hold me tight, so tight that nothing can take me down.  Anything that might attempt to will meet up with Him.  He will move heaven and earth to keep me safe in His embrace.  He lays down His life for my own.  He holds me close to His chest, his heart beat soothing the worries and cares of this world.

I am His delight, just as sweet Avi is David’s.  One day she will know it full well.  But for now she rests, just being held letting life unfold before her.

This is the sweet spot in this walk with my God.  It’s where the cares and worries of this world lose their power to steal my joy.  It’s the “be still and know I am God” place where He becomes the strength in my weakness.

The more I am held, the more I am aware of how truly He carries me.  I want to be like my sweet grand girl.   I want to be carried by God alone. I want to rest in the stillness of His embrace, knowing the sheer delight that fills His soul…  I am loved…deeply loved

©copyrighted: 2011, Julie L. Todd

22 thoughts on “Safe in Papa’s Arms©

  1. Jules, that is one beautiful baby! A masterpiece!

    Now, I have questions. 1) What language does “Aviah” come from? 2) you would think I would know, but is this the first grandbaby? 3) I remember you saying you have 5 kids, but I don’t think I saw all five in the Facebook pics. Where are the others? 4) Where did Avi get that awesome cap? 5) Could you please bottle up some of that fresh, powdery new-baby smell and send it down here? 😉

    • Hey Carolyn, honestly I don’t know what the language it comes from. I do know that it means God is my Father. Yes, this is my first grandbaby. There should be pictures of all five on my facebook photos. I’ve got tons of pictures of my kids there.. 🙂 The hat Avi is wearing was made by her midwife. Isn’t it adorable? Oh yea I wish I could bottle up the sweet baby smell… I love it!!! Thanks for visiting and celebrating with me!!!

  2. What a beautiful baby! I can only imagine the joy that is oozing out of your pores!

    Enjoy this amazing gift from God. I pray that Jesus will keep Aviah surrounded with His Spirit, protect her with His angels, and anoint her to do great and mighty things.


  3. This is profound. This picture, what you see in that, stems from this long and winding road you have travelled my friend. The beauty of it all is almost too much for me to bear. The sweet, sweet life of a newborn, being greeted by so many who have anxiously awaited her arrival.

    My name Rebekah means close to God, atleast that’s what was on the plaque I used to have a hundred years ago. Such a drastic difference between the name and myself for so much of this life. But yet, the redemption brought by Him….unspeakable in words.

    Love this Julie, thank you and I thank God, for allowing our paths to meet, so I may witness this from the distance I am and soak up some of your wisdom. Grateful, as I like to say, don’t even cover it!

    Love you! Hope you feel somewhat rested.

    • Hey there girlfriend… oh I think your name fits you perfectly for to Him you were always close… always…

      I am thanking God for you as well, my friend… truly

      Love you back!

  4. Julie,
    I am new to your blog…but not to being a grandmother. Nothing prepared me for this experience!!
    When my Madison, my first little granddaughter was born, I thought I could never love like that again. How wrong !!!! Now my husband, Danny and I have 6 grands. The oldest just turned 4. Three 2 year olds, a 1 year old, a 3 month old, and 1 due December 23 and yet another due Jan 3.
    I am so blessed. We are so blessed. God has allowed us to live long enough to see and know our grandchildren.
    I have loved reading your posts and first visited your previous blog. Michelle Bentham gave your site to another girl and me. She and I don’t know one another, but we both live in Dallas and were both looking for a cross stitch pattern for the Hebrew “Names of God” that is hanging in the lobby of the bookstore at Precept Mininstries in Chattanooga, TN. I inquired there and was told that they once sold it but no longer have it. Can you indeed help us with this? I would love to purchase this to cross stitch. Since doing that study, I have come to a greater understanding (although it is still small in eternity’s scale) of the God and Savior I love with all my being. Please let me know. I really appreciate your time and attention to this. Lenn Prince

    Michelle Bentham gave your name to another blogger and me. She and I don’t know each other, but both live in Dallas AND both are looking for the cross stitch pattern of the Hebrew “Names of God” we saw hanging in the lobby at Precept Ministries in Chattanooga, TN. She said you could help us with this. Is it your mother’s pattern?
    I asked Precept about this and the lady in the bookstore said it was once sold in the bookstore, but they not longer have it. I would love to buy this !!! Can indeed help us ?!!

    • Lenn, Your words are a gift to me. Thank you so much for them… and for being here. I’m guessing you have been to my old stomping grounds of Precept Ministries. I grew up in Chattanooga so I spent many a day out there. That beautiful cross stitch graph was made by my mother. I saw that you all had corresponded… I hope you enjoy every stitch! I started one once and just never got back to it. I love mom’s work!

      Thanks again for being here. You blessed me!!

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