The house that crumbled ©

There was a man who built his house upon the sand.  When the rains came and the winds blew, the house came tumbling down.  Another man built his house upon the rock.  When the storms hit, his house stood strong.  I heard the story as a child. I thought it was about salvation only.  As my eyes are being opened to true grace, I am seeing through different lenses now.

The story of my life goes something like this….

I used to take care of everything.  It was easier that way.  I tried to make myself acceptable. I didn’t want to burden anyone. I worked hard to be righteous, crossing my religious t’s and dotting my i’s. I wanted to be pleasing.  I wanted to be the best dead in Christ.  Self-effort and control were my constant companions. I didn’t realize they were enemies of grace.

The storms came….. my house crumbled.  I discovered something.

The house built on the sand is a life built on religious striving, the old man dressed up. The house built on the rock is the life of Christ lived in me, the new nature put on.

I had built my life on a faulty foundation.  I was living in an accessorized, religious flesh trying to do and be better.

There’s a fine line that can be crossed in this Christian world.  Too much emphasis was put on behavior in the circles I traveled. When the winds of hard times came, things began to fall apart.  The questions found their way up.

I had embraced theologies that told me I must have done something to deserve what was happening. It must be some sin or disobedience.  I wanted to fix whatever I had done to get out of the mess.

Humans are predictable people with inconsistent lives.  It’s easy to look at what is happening and make evaluations.  I didn’t know how to look at the nature of the One who breathed the world into existence.  I assessed things wrongly.

I attributed God to the things I saw, felt and didn’t understand.  I tried to make sense of it all and couldn’t.  I struggled to trust in His nature because I was so prone to look at His behavior. I made God like me.  I thought He looked at things the way I did..

His nature has been misrepresented since the serpent approached the two in the garden. It’s why Jesus came you know….  He came to show me the true heart of the Father, to restore His name, His heart.  What He lived with the Father is my reality.

He formed the world with a word.  Nothing was left untouched or unthought of.  Everything necessary for life was given.  Beauty for my eyes to behold, foods that delight the tongue, warmth from the sunshine, melodies that awaken the ears.  Why would He go to so much trouble to prepare the earth for my existence and then abandon me in my darkest hours?

His nature has been the same since before the world began.  It will never change. Never. He whispers words of love. He paints pictures in the skies.  All creation shouts of His glory. He is the most consistent person I will ever know.  He is the same yesterday, today, forever.

Circumstances will never dictate His nature.  They expose the footing on which my house is built.  They bring to light who I depend on, who I trust, what I believe. He allows the house on the sand to crumble for it is the only way to be rescued from a foundation that will never hold tight.  He is the great lover of my soul.  He moved heaven and earth to come for me.  He comes even still, every day.

Life is full of ripening moments of rescue.  He walks out on the waters of stormy seas to get in the boat with me, speaking out to say “peace, be still”..  If He tarries it is because the perfect work is being completed.

I wouldn’t trade what He’s done in my life for anything.  The winds came, the rain fell, the house built on the sand of my religious efforts crumbled….and it was good.

A new foundation began.  This time it is His to frame.  No one builds quite like Jesus.  He was a carpenter for many years you know.

He and I are interwoven together as one.  I wait in expectancy to see what is on the horizon for me. He has walked into the storms to save me.  I place all my weight in His Sovereignty, knowing, though He is unpredictable in what He does.  He is the same today, tomorrow, and forever.

©copyrighted: 2011, Julie L. Todd

*I am attaching two-part video that have a beautiful revelation of God’s heart.


12 thoughts on “The house that crumbled ©

    • Yes Debbie, He is relentlessly kind. I think for me it has been faithful and present… relentlessly faithful… It’s what I’ve needed to see the most. Thank you for your words, such a gift to me!

    • Michelle, I love these videos. I have the mp3 of it and I cannot tell you how many times I’ve listened to this message over and over and over. It keeps me going when life hits hard… Thanks for being here… and for your words!

  1. This touched a deep part of my soul. I went through the same things. So did my husband. Now are souls are built upon a different rock instead of the sands of religion…and the grace in that makes me weep with gratitude. this was a phenomenal post. You are a wise woman Julie. I was lucky to hear your comforting words that day that I needed restoration in my faith. I thank God for you.

  2. ::smiles:: Such a beautiful testimony and encouragement. I especially like this one:
    “A new foundation began. This time it is His to frame. No one builds quite like Jesus. He was a carpenter for many years you know.”

  3. “Circumstances will never dictate His nature. They expose the footing on which my house is built. They bring to light who I depend on, who I trust, what I believe. He allows the house on the sand to crumble for it is the only way to be rescued from a foundation that will never hold tight.”

    I love this!!! And expose they do! Exposure, in the framework of nature is rarely seen as good. Exposure, in that sense brings with it some kind of pain. Yes. Exposure brings pain. And then the re-building. Ahhhh, wonderful freedom!

    And I’ll say to you what you said to me, I’ve missed reading your beautiful heart!

    Love you my friend!

    • My dear friend, your words and presence are a gift. Thank you… Yes, exposure is painful and hard, yet the new life that comes, the new foundation that forms.. well it just makes it all worthwhile somehow, doesn’t it?

      Love your heart’s renderings here!!

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