Relentlessly He Runs©

It has been several years now yet the memory still lingers in the back of my mind as if it were yesterday.  I can see his face, feel the shock, the frantic search, the reunion which placed his hand back in mine.

We were at the beach with our extended family.  We had finished dinner out and decided we would walk around the quaint town.  We were quite the crowd; children paired up with cousins, siblings interspersed throughout the assembly of adults.  I began to look around to do my usual child check.  Which of mine were with which adult?  One by one they were accounted for, that is until I called out his name.  No one had Samuel.

Panic doesn’t describe the moment of my discovery.  As the thoughts inundated my mind the world around me came crashing down.  Could someone have stolen my son? Where could he be?  He was only a small child.  What had happened to him, how was he not with us?  We all walked out of the restaurant together.  How could this have happened?

I don’t know that I have ever run as fast as I did that day.  I tried to remain calm as the fears crashed into my world.  I prayed that somehow, someway he was safe.  I hoped that in this little town no one could steal him.  I’m not sure I will ever forget that day.  I haven’t yet.

As we reached the parking lot we saw him.  He was standing beside our car, waiting to get in.  How does one relate the feelings of euphoria of finding one who was lost but is now found?  I’m not sure there are words in the vocabulary that do them justice.

Samuel had been lost from me.  Yet I had found him untouched, safe and sound.

I should have known that’s where he would be.  After all he was the child who went to the car without being told when it was time to go.  It wasn’t uncommon to find him sitting in his car seat, buckled in, ready.  It would have been the same this time had the car not been locked.  He had waited patiently for the rest of us to show up and unlock the doors. Somehow he had missed the crowd walking towards the middle of town.  He didn’t know he was lost. He thought he was in the right place at the right time.

I knew he wasn’t, so I ran.

My life resembles this in so many ways.  Sometimes I don’t know that I’m not in the right place, yet God knows. He sees what I am believing.  He runs to get to me, grabs my hand and pulls me back into that place where I have always belonged, to the truth of who I am.

He exposes the religious expectations for what they are.  He shines His light into the crevices of my mind exposing the lies of what I have been told and believed about myself. He tells me who He is and who He knows me to be.  When I am not where I was made to be, He comes to rescue me.

Samuel did nothing to be rescued that day.  He stood by waiting.  I came to bring him back.  I ran to him.  He took my hand and followed me.  We walked the path together.

I used to think it is I who ran to God, but the truth is I am beginning to see it is He who runs to me.  After all I love because He loved me first.

God runs to get to me every time I am not where I was made to be.  I am the Beloved of the Lord.  Until I grasp that, He will not relent.  It’s not just for salvation.  It’s more than that.  He constantly runs to me inviting me to live in the new identity that Jesus bestowed on me. I’m still learning what that looks like as He and I walk this together life.

His right hand extends to grab hold of mine..  In those moments I am made aware.  My God runs to me, relentlessly He runs.

©copyrighted 2011, Julie L. Todd




23 thoughts on “Relentlessly He Runs©

  1. Jewel, I can’t get over how you can take an instance or a memory and relate it to spiritual truth. This one is GREAT! I remember when that happened so well. I love what you wrote, so, so true. I love you. Mom

  2. “…it is He who runs to me. After all I love because He loved me first.”
    So true, and such a loving merciful God we have! Oh, how he loves us. So thankful He will not relent! Who else loves like this?
    A gorgeous post, friend.
    (And how neat it is to have your Mom commenting!).

    • Dear friend, thank you for your words. I am more aware than ever of this relentless love my God has for me. It has left me ruined for ordinary living….
      Thanks for being here… and yes so, so neat that my Momma is here with me!


  3. Oh Julie…this is so beautiful! As a Mom to a 3-year old boy, I found my heart beating faster as I could vividly see in my mind’s eye the blind panic you must have experienced! And then…realising how Jesus runs to us when we walk along the wrong path. Thank you for this beautiful insight into His love for us…



    • Liezel,
      My boy was not much older than that when I experienced that day. He is 17 now. I read this blog post to him and he said, “thanks for writing about me, Mom”… I love that boy! What a beautiful picture God spoke to me as I remembered the other day. I love how He is restoring His heart to me…

      Thank you for being here and for your words!


  4. That is beautiful, Julie. Again, beautiful writing from you. You set the bar high, my friend.

    I talk often about how God “chases me down”. I’m so glad He does. I seem to wander quite a bit with a lost look on my face. It would be easy for people to take advantage of me when I am like that, but He finds me and protects me. Just like you did for Samuel.

    xoxoxo to you

    • Carolyn,
      So, so true… His protection is beyond anything I’ve ever known… What would we do without this relentless love?

      Thanks for being here and for your beautiful words!

  5. Sometimes I don’t know that I’m not in the right place, yet God knows. He sees ……………

    ……….that you are already there.

    Love ya!

      • Liz, I am grateful for your eyes that see me in ways that encourage my heart so. You have been one of the greatest encouragers in my writing and I just can’t thank you enough! Thank you for seeing what I could not see for myself!

        Love ya back!

  6. The idea that has yet to become a deep heart revelation in me, of this Father, filled with love (and pain), that I, His beloved, was not only off the path, but off the map, relentlessly pursuing me, running after me is life changing. Until finally…….FINALLY I fell down, worn out, smelling to high heaven and He…….EMBRACED ME!

    Love this writing. Love your heart. And I LOVE YOU!

    • Isn’t it amazing, my friend? This relentless God that we love so… loves us more than we can imagine. Oh how He comes for us. It has ruined me for ordinary living!

      I love that you are here….

      Love you back!

  7. This story gave me chills. What a smart child you have to be able to wait patiently. I am so thankful everything turned out okay. And the truth you brought here — that God pursues me and runs to me with open arms! I am so thankful I have a Heavenly Father who continually and relentlessly chaseas after me!

    • Barbie, thank you for being here…. I am with you… so, so thankful that I have One who loves me to the depths, continually and relentlessly running after me…


    • Karen, So, so cool that your Christmas play is titled Relentless. I am so blessed that the words I have shared here were timely for you too. Thank you, friend. I’m blessed that you are here!!

  8. Wow..just wow. My heart was in my throat at the picture of you searching for your child. You are right! He runs to us inviting us to live in the new identity that Jesus bestowed on us. I’m so excited to experience more and more of that identity as more and more of His love for me is revealed!!!

    • Hey friend, You are maturing beautifully into what is already true about you. I’m so blessed to be able to watch!!

      Much love!!

    • What a gift to have you here, Sherry! You are a true blessing. Thank you for taking the time to read what I have written….. what a gift. How blessed I am to work beside you!!!

      Much love,

      PS. HEY everybody, this is my co-worker… she’s amazing!!!

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