Trying to Remember…..©

It’s been 16 months since I got the phone call.  “Jewel, I’m coming home, I’ve been laid off.”  We had moved to this little town for that job.  There wasn’t much more here as far as jobs go.  I sensed we were embarking on a road we had not yet walked.  Little did I know that the journey would take us down the road it has.  It’s been about much more than provision.  It’s been a time of revelation unlike any other where the floodgates have been opened so that healing might flow.

Sometimes I find myself looking ahead.  I want to see what’s around the bend.  I see the road in front of me but where will it end, I wonder.  It’s a dangerous place for me to go, for to be quite honest, trying to see into the future often makes me afraid.

Monumental things have happened in my life yet often I forget.

Why is it so hard to remember?  It’s not just me, I know, because the scriptures are full of people forgetting.  The children of Israel saw God do miracles never before experienced and yet it didn’t take much for them to lose track of it all…

I need to remember today.

I was pregnant with my 3rd born.  I wanted a house with a fenced back yard for my children. We had outgrown the small condo we were renting.  Houses were beyond our budget and many had no fence.  I began to doubt until one conversation led to another.  Strangers offered to rent their home to us for $275 a month less than their mortgage payment.  We ended up buying the house a couple of years later for only the amount they owed on it.  When we resold it 6 years later we reaped a bountiful harvest allowing us to buy our next place.

I remember one day when there was a knock at our door,  “I am a friend of a friend,” he said as he handed us the envelope.  Inside were several hundred dollars in a money order.  Did they know that our washing machine had just broken?

There was the time we had $7.00 in our banking account when the woman slammed into my car totaling it.  We were barely making it through the dry season of David’s small pool construction business.  The insurance company gave us $1600 which wouldn’t buy us much.  Two days after the wreck 5 out of 7 of us woke up with a stomach bug keeping us home from church.  Someone spoke up after the service in our absence. “The Todds are in a hard place.”  People gave generously.  We had no idea… until the phone call came.  “We’ve collected $3,000 for your family.”   Days later we bought a used car that lasted us 13 years.

There was the time when the phone call came, “There’s an envelope on my desk with your name on it,” he said.  We were clueless.  David went down to pick it up.  When he opened it he was overwhelmed at its contents.  Inside lay 8 $1,000 money orders made out to us.  I had been freezing milk jugs of water to keep our refrigerator cold.  I went out that day to buy a new refrigerator.

Or there was the time years later when I had just had it out with God.  I had been asking Him to show me how to pay for the tires our car desperately needed, yet all resources were depleted. There was no money for tires. I walked into the church reluctantly.  As I stood to force myself to worship the envelope fell to the floor.  It had been slipped into my lap.  Inside was more than enough to pay for the tires.  He knew.  I fell at His feet in humble gratitude, overwhelmed at my forgetfulness.

I remember back in 2005 I had been asking God for an old discarded laptop that no one was using.  I didn’t need much just something I could write on.  Weeks later the phone rang, “I feel like God is telling me to buy you a new laptop.”  “I believe He has prepared a ministry for you.”  They didn’t know.  He did.

The day David was laid off a perfect stranger overheard him tell what had just happened to a friend in Starbucks.  The next day the gentleman showed up and handed our daughter who worked there an envelope with $500 in it.  He felt God telling him to give it to us.

I’ve gone to my mailbox finding envelopes with checks, gift cards and cash providing getaways for our anniversary, clothes for our children, meals out, even movie tickets.  There’s the vacation at the beach, the car of my dreams, the Honey Baked turkey that I longed for.  All were given, just because.

These are just a few of the many stories of God’s care scattered throughout my life, yet I so easily fear what might be on the horizon.

“Do not forget” He told the children of Israel.  It was their demise.  I cannot let it be mine.

Today, I remember. This is the God who holds my tomorrows.

©copyrighted: 2012; Julie L. Todd

8 thoughts on “Trying to Remember…..©

  1. I love these kind of stories that tell and show how GOD is not gone HE does provide for us even when we don’t pray we wait and HE knows our needs even before WE do. LOVE this sharing and telling and remembering with you.

  2. I LOVED reading these stories of God’s faithfulness! Jesus is our everlasting SOURCE and He never lets us down even when we sometimes forget the great miracles He has done for us. Thank you for sharing your beautiful heart!

  3. awesome!! What a great way to remember. So glad you wrote it down to keep you from forgetting…He will never stop either…so cool…

  4. Love you my sweet friend, and it has been a blessing to watch you walk through your valley with grace, and joy. God is good, even when things are bad, and you’ve reminded me to hold on to that promise more than once in our friendship years! Hugs to you, my sister!

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