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If you would like to visit my previous blog, you can find it here:  Jewelz Sightings


One thought on “My Previous Blog

  1. Dear Jewelz

    I am grateful to my Dad this is what I am learning in baby steps to call Him from over a year and a half of coming into a new born again experience I call it as that is what it feels like this Grace message. I threw out hundreds of dollars worth of christian books full of religon I could not even get myeslf to give it to a second hand store as I felt I would be responsible for poision them with food that is rotten. Much anger to deal with and let go for all the lies I believe like yourself i would study the bible to a point of exhaustion and today I don’t even read it. And I am totally ok with that because I am coming to know my Dad with my heart. This morning I cried so much my head hurt in the shower before getting ready for work my Dad was helping to know that I am of value and that I am of worth. Not like my earthly dad telling me look at the garbage I produced. I then went on the net looking up the definition of the word Value even though I know what it means and some how came up on your site. I have spent much time reading the articles you have written and even some of the words you use are similar to how I would share stuff so I am thankful to my Dad for letting come upon your site. You see each day before I get out of bed I ask Dad to help me from my heart to consider one thing that I can thank him for today it was long after getting up but I thanked Him for helping me see that I am valuable. You are a blessing and thank you for your transparency in sharing your life it has blessed me beyond words as I thought I was the only one that had so much anger, hate and rage towards the religous teachings that messed me up. Not that you have hate, anger or rage it is just that you relate and have come through similar areas as to where I have been. Thank you my sister much appreciated. Sincerely, Sue

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