How in the world?©

There were times when my children were younger that I used to wonder how in the world we would pay for _______. It wasn’t that we were big spenders. We were a one income family who lived, simply and frugally for a what, at the time, was considered a large family. We managed our money well and learned how to live on little and be thankful. But there was never much extra lying around.
One of the biggies for me was weddings. Three girls! I knew weddings for girls always cost more than they do for boys and I often wondered where we would possibly get the money for a wedding.. Those “how in the world” thoughts would find their way in… My mind would try to come up with a plan. The battle would ensue until I would reach a point of mental exhaustion. For the life of me I couldn’t come up with a way to have enough money to give my girls even a small wedding celebration. I came to the conclusion that surely God had that too and I slowly but surely let go and began to trust.
The first girl’s wedding came and I watched it all go down. We needed to buy the dress…where would the money come from. “Buy it and let’s see what happens” my husband said. So we did. The next day a big storm came through town requiring all the employees of his company to work around the clock. His paycheck came in with just enough to pay for the dress. That was just the beginning of what God would do.
The second girl’s wedding came after my husband was laid off. He was back in school and working bits and pieces where he could get work. You talk about “how in the world” questions… I had gone back to work and we were making it bit by bit. Again I sat back and watched God bring it all together.  I continued to remind myself how much God loved weddings as I waited to see what He would do.
Yesterday we completed the last of our girl weddings and once again God has astounded me. When we began, we had a very small designated amount saved. If anyone knew how much they would have laughed at us, no one could plan a wedding on that, yet I knew God who had multiplied loaves and fishes could make that stretch far above my wildest imagination… and that is exactly what He did.
Not only  was yesterday a beautiful culmination of two lives becoming one.  It was the end of an era.  My “how in the worlds” were answered by my generous Father.  He truly does lavish good gifts on us all.
© Julie L. Todd May 2018