I entered this world 53 years ago.  A few days after, I entered the doorway of the church.  It was where I would grow up, where I would first be told about God’s love that forgave my sins.   In the 3rd grade the Sunday School teacher told me about Jesus dying to take them away. She emphasized the need to accept Him so that I might enter into heaven where I would live forever.  I didn’t really understand what I was doing but I surely knew I didn’t want to spend eternity in hell.  I said yes.  Little did I know it would be years before I would really accept His invitation to exchange my life for his.

I was 23 when I got to that place of desperate need.  Having just been rejected after a 1 1/2 year dating relationship, I begged Him to love me.  He said yes.

Though I had heard about God and His love for all those years it was at that moment that I really understood my need for Him.  It wasn’t long before I was given a list of “do’s and don’t’s” by well-meaning Christians.  I really didn’t understand that it would be my demise.  I had no clue that I would take the list and become a capable, self-made, religious woman of God.

At 25  I married my husband.  A desire of my heart was fulfilled as each of my 5 children entered my world one by one.  The love that leapt within my soul took my breath away. Yet still something was missing.  I’d learned to put on the mask to play the part of the Proverbs 31 woman, the more I did the more I needed to do.  I passed that along to my children.  It is one of the great regrets of my life.

And then God came…..

He allured me into the wilderness to speak tenderly to me.  I no longer call Him, Master, I now call Him, Husband.  I’ve been on a journey, walking out of a religion into a relationship for these past 9 years.  The world has opened before me as I’ve begun to discover a love that takes my breath away.

For years I thought the journey was the destination.  I’m learning that the destination IS the journey.   I invite you to join me on my long and winding road into the heart of love.




21 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m wondering if you would mind if I added you to my Blog roll. I like to read a bit before I promote and I really do enjoy your blog. I’ll add it unless you prefer I didn’t?
    Grace to you Jewlez.

  2. I am very blessed to have found you. I understand that you may be able to help me with a crossstitch pattern of the names of God originally from Precept Ministries with Kay Arthur. I have given mine away and would love to make another.


      • I was referred here by michellebenthamcreates blog for assistance in getting the Names for God cross stitch graph. I have enjoyed reading your blog as well. Any help,you an provide would e greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

  3. Hi. I’m looking for the names of God cross stitch graph. I was hoping you could help me with that!

  4. hi Julie, i was pointed at your blog (which makes for some inspirational reading) from michellebenthamcreates.com, while i was trying to find a source for a wonderful chart that i have since learned was designed by your mom. I was wondering if you would be able to tell me how i could obtain a copy of Hebrew Names of God Cross Stitch Graph, as my mum is struggling a little at the moment and i would love to be able to stitch it for her to hang where she can see it first thing every morning and last thing at night.
    thank you for taking the time to read and consider my request.
    J Plank

  5. I, too, have great interest in the Names of God cross stitch. So does my 80 year old mother 🙂 Is it available for sharing/purchase?

    • after following many links and many pages i actually found the lady who created it and emailed her and got this reply :

      The graph is $6.50. I usually charge $1.00 to mail in the U.S. Mail me a check and I’ll mail your Name of God graph the next day. My address is”

      • J. Plank,
        The woman you listed is my mother. I am going to edit your comment to remove her address as I would prefer it not be on the web. If you are needing further information I’ll be happy to send her the info if you will leave your email address. Thank you!

  6. Hi am trying to locate the Hebrew names of God cross stitch pattern. My daughter soon graduates from college and she has requested this as her graduation gift. I no longer have my old pattern.
    Many thanks!

    • Cathy M, I would be happy to send you the Names of God pattern. It was given to me without cost by @jewelz57’s mother when I requested it.

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